Until further notice, the FinTech Station remains accessible only to tenants whose presence is deemed necessary for the pursuit of their organization's activities.

We remind you that each one of us is responsible for the health and safety of those at the FinTech station. As a result of this, Finance Montreal asks all the tenants at the FinTech Station as well as their employees the following: 

  • Take note of public health prevention measures as well as the symptoms related to the COVID-19 epidemic. In case of the appearance of these symptoms do not come to the Montreal FinTech Station. 
  •  In case of appearance of symptoms please inform a team member of the FinTech Station as soon as possible. Immediately implement the recommended isolation measures to protect those working at the Station. 
  • At all times, rigorously practice the measures to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 
  • Assure that your employees are well informed about the measures and instructions cited above. 

This directive is applicable until further notice to all users of the FinTech Station and employees of Finance Montreal. 

Information regarding the sanitary measures related to Covid-19 can be viewed at the reception of the FinTech Station.

Information regarding the recent measures related to Covid-19 and taken by the government of Québec can be consulted here.

Finance Montréal Management 


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