Turnkey services to
support entrepreneurship

To help our young companies take flight, our leasing offer includes high-level specialized professional and technological services. These services, often difficult to access for a startup, can make all the difference. Many of our services are included and our paying services are accessible through facilitating agreements with our service partners.

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Mentoring and coaching
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Accounting and legal
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Research Chair
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A community with a thirst for innovation

A community with a
thirst for innovation

The Station is created for and by the major players in the financial sector focusing on innovation. As soon as they arrive, our startups in residence are immersed in a wide-ranging collaborative network made up of key decision-makers. The Station’s partners have a thirst for innovation and are always on the lookout for technologies that have the potential to transform the financial sector.


In the midst of the financial action in Quebec

In the midst of the
financial action in Quebec

The Station is located in the center of the Montreal financial district. This strategic position promotes exchanges and synergy with the many players in the vast world of international finance. Our spaces are easily accessible via various means of transport. The commercial offer that surrounds the Station is rich and offers our startups the best places to meet and entertain in the metropolis.
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