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General information

  • Financial technology company in start‐up or growth stage (from seed funding to series B financing phase)
  • Company with at least one client or with sufficient capital for development potential
  • Company created less than seven years ago
  • Company with under $5 million per annum in revenue
  • Company with fewer than 50 employees

The criteria listed above are non‐exhaustive. 

The Fintech Station manager, with the support of the advisory committee, is responsible for selecting the companies to be admitted as tenants. The manager may also consult Finance Montréal’s stakeholders if he deems it necessary.

Companies will undergo a qualitative analysis to determine their eligibility and relevance in the Montréal Fintech Station. We will examine the product offered by the start‐up, its growth potential, and its complementarity with the other companies.

The manager will conduct due diligence when verifying the chosen start‐ups with regard to the directors, senior managers, and controlling shareholders of each eligible start‐up who applies to become a tenant at the Fintech Station. The regulators will conduct a credit report and a criminal record check, as well as a review of previous convictions for each party.

The Fintech Station manager reserves the right to accept or refuse a start‐up that has passed the due diligence stage. At the end of each rental period, the Fintech Station manager will confirm whether the tenant wishes, and is still eligible to stay at the Station as a tenant. The maximum lease term for a start‐up is three years, with the possibility of renewal.