Station FinTech Montreal Accelerator: introducing our second cohort, presented by TMX!

January 31, 2022 – The second cohort of the Station FinTech Montreal Accelerator powered by Highline Beta is launched! 

Eight startups were selected to form this ESG-focused cohort presented by TMX. For 4 months, they will continue to work on developing ESG solutions for the fintech ecosystem. Our acceleration program will also allow them to develop business partnerships with our members. 

Discover the eight startups selected. 


Banyan is a SaaS solution for banks and funds investing in sustainable infrastructure, like renewable energy projects — a market growing from $1T to $6T a year. Built by prior project financiers, Banyan's solution helps replace spreadsheets, email, and pdf reports by aggregating and contextualizing disparate data sources, streamlining workflow across multiple counterparties, and automating contractual compliance of each individual deal. This enables project financiers to originate, service and ultimately securitize their investments at higher volume and lower cost. With Banyan, investors and lenders can profitably access and grow in new sustainable infrastructure markets, technologies, and customers segments, and contribute meaningfully to addressing climate change.  


Carbon Neutral Club is a membership program that lets individuals measure their personal carbon footprint and offset it each month by funding carbon removal projects around the world. As a reward for being personally carbon neutral, their members gain access to year-round savings with 60+ sustainable brand partners (and growing) who help their members reduce their impact with each purchase they make and will save them money for doing it. They also have launched the Carbon Neutral Club Employee Program, a B2B2C offering that lets companies subsidize their employees to sign up for Carbon Neutral Club to live more sustainable lives, and it is their primary focus for scaling members in 2022+.  


FrontFundr is Canada's leading online investment platform. Their platform provides Canadians with access to investment opportunities in private companies, and they offer companies an online channel to efficiently raise capital from seasoned investors and the general public. To date they’ve helped more than 70 companies raise over $90 million and built up a community of 30,000+ users across Canada.  


F8th is a cybersecurity platform that protects institutions against account and session takeovers, web bots and insider threats, passively and continuously. Their Account Behavioural Biometric authentication (ABB) allows organizations to authenticate online users and track fraudsters in real-time via hundreds of patterns of how an individual uses their mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, and other inputs. The product builds a behavioural biometric such as a fingerprint by continuously analyzing typing speed, movement speed, clicking speed, acceleration and more. F8th ABB provides more visibility over suspicious events and is meant to uplift a company’s cybersecurity strategy without impacting the user experience. 


MESH is a diversity intelligence platform for enterprise corporations. Unlike traditional tick-box diversity initiatives, their software platform leverages behavioural science to ensure inclusion work resonates and embeds throughout the organizational culture. In essence, the Diversity IntelligenceTM platform allows enterprise clients to maximize their personnel by developing and measuring a culture of safety and belonging throughout the organization. 


Otto is a customer intelligence advisory platform for purpose-driven investing. Otto helps financial advisors learn a client's unique values and preferences then connect those preferences to investment portfolios. Financial advisors can understand how their client's values relate to investible themes and company performance on environmental, social and governance factors. This way, advisors can engage in better conversations with their clients, deliver tailored advice and investments that are truly aligned with who their clients are and what they care about. 

SR AI is an AI-powered investment research platform for responsible investing. SR AI processes summarize and extract actionable insights from news, social media posts and company disclosures. They focus on decision support, enabling investors to supercharge their own analysis. The company started as a research program on sustainable investing at the University of Toronto. Today, they are partnering with financial institutions to solve their pain points in ESG research and portfolio management using our unique AI technology. 


Uplinq is a global credit assessment platform for small business lenders. They provide lenders confidence to make accurate decisions possible, through billions of unique and validated data signals beyond traditional credit indicators. The platform allows lenders to gain insights on all SMBs in their portfolio while empowering them to better support the underserved, unbanked, minority & immigrant small business owners.  

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