Mentoring and coaching

Access a vast network of professional mentors and coaches dedicated to help you achieve your goals. Get advice from founders of successful startups, take advantage of the expertise of professionals in the financial services industry and gain access to coaching to further develop your skills and succeed in this great adventure of creating your technological company.

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As a member of the Station, you will have access to multiple training courses on a variety of topics. Thanks to its many partnerships, the Station gives you access to group training, practical workshops and, when needed, individual support. The Station's training offer is designed to help make your adventure a success.

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Research chair
and monitoring

The result of a partnership between the AMF, ESG UQAM and Finance Montréal, the FinTech research chair monitors the developments and impacts of FinTech on the financial industry, the customer experience, the examination of legal issues, regulations and security. Joining the Station means having privileged access to this original research.